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Corporate Video

Video has the power to motivate and connect with potential customers and clients like no other medium.

From sales and marketing, communication and training, utilising video makes your message more effective.

Messages can be presented in a way that is not possible with text or static imagery alone. In less than 3 minutes you can get more information from a video, more emotion, more understanding than you can a thousand words, or perhaps ten thousand words!

Numerous surveys show that videos drive a high engagement rate. Conversion increases of over 90 percent can be achieved when communicating with quality, engaging and efficiently delivered video.

Sell more and communicate better with powerful, professional-quality videos.

The use of video is a great way to enhance  overall communication within a company. It’s no wonder other companies are formulating ways to incorporate video into their overall communications strategy.

Enterprises have seen a dramatic increase in the use of video as a communication tool for everything from online training to employee research and corporate announcements.


5 Ways Video Can Transform Your Business

  • Training
  • Employee Motivation
  • Marketing
  • Sales Conversion
  • Customer Experience

Trends, technologies and platforms come and go.

With a solid strategy that integrates efficiently delivered online video, with social media, you are not chasing trends, you’re creating relationships.

Interactive video

Video has become so ubiquitous on the internet that it is used across all sectors of business and for all forms of communication, be it marketing, product launches, eLearning, entertainment, and more.

The entire web is an interactive medium yet when it comes to video it is still mostly a “sit and stare” experience.

Everyone understands the power of video and its persuasive abilities, but few have taken advantage of the real power of the internet as it relates to video – interactivity.

No matter how you use video, interactive video is more effective.

Interactive video means more return on your investment in video. Increase traffic with interactive content.

Interactive video goes a step beyond conventional video, and is essential in an environment where users have the power and want to control the information they receive.

It is possible for video to be the new interactive medium on the internet.

Harness the power that makes video so perfect for deeper, interactive immersion, resulting in a dramatic increase in viewer engagement and brand awareness.

Measure Everything

What do people click on? What makes them watch longer? Is my video working? Is no one making it past the 10 second mark of a video or there is a marked drop-off at a certain point? Which viewers are most engaged?

Video is a critical component of any marketing strategy, but it is imperative to integrate the right tools and systems, to have it perform to its maximum potential.

Following the integration of these tools and systems it is possible to gain real-time analytics, create calls to action, optimise search engine hits, capture leads, drive results and ROI with video content.

Online video is a powerful marketing tool used to ignite attention, educate, excite, raise awareness, sell, and simplify. It distills complex ideas into brief visual and emotional experiences that provoke audiences to think, and so inspire them to act and draw your target audience closer.

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