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Educational Video

As educators, our aim is to get students energised and engaged. Video has proven to be an instructional medium that is has the potential of being more compelling and generate much greater amount of interest and enjoyment than more traditional text-based material. Video is the perfect medium for students who are auditory or visual learners. With the option of inclusion of captions, the learner has the choice to watch, listen to, or read each presentation, so providing into multimodal literacies. Video stimulates and engages students creating interest and maintaining that interest for longer periods of time, and it provides an innovative and effective means for educators to address and deliver the required curriculum content.

Video creates an experience…

The benefits of using video in education includes providing a sensory experience that allows concepts and ideas to actually become an experience and come.

Video as a flexible educational medium…

The more interested and engaged students are, and the more interactive each learning session is, the more students will enjoy, learn from and retain information from the lesson. Video provides a means of interactive instruction and is a very flexible medium. We should consider how to expand the use of video in education in ways that are interactive, integrated and creative.

This participatory model underpins our vision of a dynamic visually rich learning environment where moving images and sounds becomes increasingly mainstream. Just as importantly is the opportunity for the creation and sharing of video for assignments, assessment or reflective digital portfolios video should be embedded in the everyday activities of the students.

The next time you’re working with deploying video online, step back and look for ways to help learners engage with it—and with each other—rather than only consume it.

Video and interactivity: their impact on learning today

So, what is the impact of video in learning right now?

People like watching video. People like to get their information in short video format. It’s familiar to them.

Video can be used for performance support, quick references, and much, much more.

Learning from videos may be preferred and appealing… but is it really effective? Research suggests it is. Numerous studies have found that people used video in education and training settings specifically because they reported high levels of engagement and found it to be a highly effective means of learning.


Videos are great for learning, but they are passive. You sit (or stand) and watch them. They may be interesting and engaging, but the viewer does not participate or interact. Interactive video has been shown to increase attention, engagement, recall, satisfaction and time spent watching a video.

So what exactly is interactive video? Imagine a video where there are areas or elements upon which a learner can click or tap to gain access to more or different information, or even change the storyline of the video. Rather than leaving the video to navigate to other videos or information, you can do it all within the context of the video. Many of the interactions you might perform on a web page can be made possible within a video.

Video Analytics?

What do learners click on? What makes them watch longer? Is my video working? Is no one making it past the 10 second mark of a video or there is a marked drop-off at a certain point? Which participants are most engaged?

Video is a critical component of any educational strategy, but it is imperative to integrate the right tools and systems, to have it perform to its maximum potential.

Following the integration of these tools and systems it is possible to gain real-time analytics, identify and capture needs, optimise search engine hits, drive results and ROI with video content.

Online video is a powerful educational tool used to ignite attention, educate, excite, raise awareness, and simplify. It distills complex ideas into brief visual and emotional experiences that provoke learners to think, and so inspire them to further this experience within their edification.

With involvement in education and training, as an educator and trainer, professional development and e-learning leader, for more than twenty years Multimodal Media possess a long-term, passionate commitment for the integration of innovative and effective pedagogies and technologies including providing training in such tools and methodologies for support and enhancing learning and engagement of students and staff.

We specialise in providing assistance in the production and utilsation of video and multimedia with the aim of improving and achieving successful communication/educational outcomes.

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