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Video & Multimedia in Training

Delivering courses online affords organisations the ability to deliver their content in a variety of ways, including video.

It is clear that the use of video has proven to be an instructional medium that is has the potential of being more compelling and generate a much greater amount of interest.Video and multimedia tools can support and enhance learning and directly engage students.

Video is also a great way to demonstrate case studies and reinforce information explained in text.  If you have training that is procedural in nature, then videos are a great way to present a string of procedures in a comprehensive way that can be referenced again and again.

Be it through curating existing and accessing online content… creating it in production and post-production… delivering it efficiently…

…the challenge is…

– how do I gain these skills?

– what are the important considerations when planning and preparing for the inclusion of video for education?

Optimum duration…how long, or short, is best?

How can I more easily produce my videos? What about editing to optimise the concept/message?

How do I tell a good story that pulls the viewer into the subject?

Is captioning important? Do I need to provide a transcript? Why?

How can I make video more social?


What is interactive video, what advantages does it have and how can I go about achieving this?


How do I integrate the right tools and systems, to have my video perform to its maximum potential?

With involvement in education and training, as an educator and trainer, professional development and e-learning leader, for more than twenty years Multimodal Media possess a long-term, passionate commitment for the integration of innovative and effective pedagogies and technologies.,

Multimodal Media is very well placed to assist you with training in such tools and methodologies for support and enhancing learning and engagement of your customers/staff/students, with the aim of improving achieving successful communication/educational outcomes.

Please enquire about individual or group training that can be tailored to meet your needs!